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The ISEE is the most widely used admittance test for private schools in Los Angeles. This test particularly aims to tell schools how you will fit into their student body, and if you are at the same level as their other students. To be competitive, a score in the highest stanines is required.

The ISEE is a different standardized test than most because they are assessing both what you already know and what you can figure out. For example, the vocab section has 20 questions of non-contextual vocab, and many of the words include no prefixes, suffixes, or root words. We teach you how to classify a word as positive, negative, neutral in order to help figure out words you may not know. We also get you started on a vocab regimen immediately. The good news is there are also sentence completions, which offer useful context.

We strengthen your skills in English and math, teach you how to map out reading comprehension passages, and how to write an essay that truly illuminates your winning personality. This combination shows schools why you are a top candidate to attend and helps to unlock the doors to Los Angeles’ top private schools.


You'll Learn

  • Strategies for Success - We’ll show you how to set a strategic plan for test day - one that will ensure you score at the highest level.
  • Deconstruction - How to categorize problems and break them into smaller, easier to solve pieces.
  • Mapping skills - How to map out Reading Comprehension passages by subject matter. You’ll be able to quickly and easily find the answers.
  • Word psychology - We’ll show you exactly how the test makers word the questions in order to lead you to an incorrect “lure” answer

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SectionNo.Of QuestionsMinutes Per SectionContent
Verbal Reasoning4020 ( Lower level has 25 )Synonyms and vocabulary-based sentence completions
Quantitative Reasoning3535Arithmetic, basic algebra, and basic geometry
Reading Comprehension40 ( Lower level has 36 )40Passage-based critical reading
Math Achievement45 ( Lower level has 35 )40Arithmetic, basic algebra, and basic geometry
Essay130Student-produced response to a given topic
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The testing location is in Beverly Hills.