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At Alpha, we believe that anyone can learn to ace a standardized test. Why? Because standardized tests form their basis in patterns. Learn the pattern, find success. It sounds simple, and in a way it is, but learning patterns involves breaking down and re-forming habits. Our coaching teaches students how to reform their habits to be conducive to test-taking at the highest level.

We believe in the power of goal setting. When we first meet with you, we’ll discuss the schools you hope to apply to, from your farthest reach, to your safest bet. We then ask you to set a target score based on the requirements for your schools.

We always ask that your goal be something you feel is stretching yourself, but that you believe you can attain if you are firing on all cylinders. Our tutors, with that goal in mind, set an intensive program to get you there. We assess everything you need to check off in order to get your target score.

What do you need to relearn? What strategies work for you personally? A program will be written up for you based on what you need to get to your goal. If you reach the goal early, we set the benchmark even higher. Because our tutors are routinely taking the test themselves annually, they have the inside track on what you’ll need to succeed! Parents are always kept in the loop with regards to our programs, and homework assignments are sent out weekly. We go further than simply having you answer test questions every week.

We challenge you to think, to learn, and to implement! This is how we take you to Alpha-level.

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