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The SAT is one of the most important tests you’ll ever take, but the good news is that anyone can learn to achieve success on this test! We’ve broken down the test patterns, catalogued all the word tricks test makers use to lure you to the incorrect answer, and put together a winning methodology that will have you scoring in the top percentiles!

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You’ll Learn:

Major Concepts - tested on each section of the test

Key words - to look out for that change the meaning of a problem

Lure answers - how SAT uses word psychology to get you to pick the wrong answer

Backup Strategies - to implement when you don’t immediately know the answer

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SectionNo.Of QuestionsMinutes Per SectionContent
Critical Reading52 Total, Including: 19 Sentence completions 48 Passage-based reading questions1 section – 65 Mins. TotalReading comprehension, Contextual vocabulary and Chart analysis
Math (No Calculator)20 Total, Including: 15 Multiple-choice questions 5 Student-generated responses25 Mins. TotalReading comprehension, Contextual vocabulary and Chart analysis
Math (Calculator Permitted)38 Total, Including: 30 Multiple-choice questions 8 Student-generated responses55 Mins. TotalArithmetic, Algebra I and II, Functions, Planar and Coordinate geometry, and Statistics
Writing & Language44 Total Contextual Paragraph-based Grammar and Construction35 Mins. TotalParagraph composition, Grammar and usage
Essay Question1 Topical Persuasive Essay Prompt50 Mins. TotalAbility to write persuasive essay using logic. Proper structural form, Impeccable grammar and Diverse vocabulary

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