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Private schools seem to become increasingly competitive each year – but getting into private school doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! Working with Alpha Test Prep, you’ll learn time-tested strategies for acing your test and wowing those admissions boards. You can relax knowing that you’ll learn the common patterns these tests use. We build confidence so that you’ll be ready to ace your test! You’ll be at your favorite private school in no time!

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SectionNo.Of QuestionsMinutes Per SectionContent
Verbal Reasoning4020 ( Lower level has 25 )Synonyms and vocabulary-based sentence completions
Quantitative Reasoning3535Arithmetic, basic algebra, and basic geometry
Reading Comprehension40 ( Lower level has 36 )40Passage-based critical reading
Math Achievement45 ( Lower level has 35 )40Arithmetic, basic algebra, and basic geometry
Essay130Student-produced response to a given topic

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