Get into the nation’s top schools and ivy leagues with Alpha Test prep

Our Mission

Alpha Test Prep’s primary goal is to affect measurable, impactful improvements in our students’ SAT and ACT scores. We provide guided strategic expertise and tracking to ensure students are steadily hitting benchmarks along the way to reach their end goal.


As a community of tutors, we continuously learn and re-examine what it takes to get a top score, and we share proven techniques with you so that you can be the most competitive amongst your peers. Our process is rooted in strategy, and we target our strategies to individual students’ needs. When you complete an Alpha Test Prep program, you will approach your test center assured and confident that you will be among the highest scorers. If being accepted by ivy-league schools is your goal, Alpha Test Prep will get you there.

We start at square one. Regardless of a tutor's educational background, each is required to officially sit for his or her test(s) of expertise — and must score within the top 99th percentile. This is a higher test score requirement than the ivy leagues. This criterion guarantees our tutors are ready to share what it takes to achieve the highest scores on current versions of the tests, know how to develop a strategy that works, and can present our students with top-notch guidance that is relevant to current testing conditions.


It’s not only test scores though. Our tutors are screened and tested to ensure that they can transfer that information in an engaging way that encourages students to think and challenge themselves to go further than they thought possible. Tutors must be personable, expert teachers. No exceptions. You can rest assured that we are going to turn you into a test-taking champion!

Who We Are

Alpha Test Prep is for students who aim to be a cut above. Students who are targeting the highest-rated ivy league schools in the nation with their college preparation. Our students come from the top schools in Los Angeles, including Brentwood School, Harvard-Westlake, Marlborough, Archer, Buckley, Crossroads, and many others. We turn out students who are sharp, competitive, and prepared for success in all they endeavor. We are looking for students who are ready for a challenge, ready to embrace success!


How We Are Different

Our aim to be the best in test prep—not by a small margin, but by a tenfold. We are one of the most cutting-edge tutoring programs in the country. Requirements for ivy-league schools are anywhere from 1400 and above for SAT and 33 for ACT. Our requirements for tutors are higher than that: above 1550 for SAT and 34 for ACT. Our tutors must also retake their test of expertise annually to ensure they are up-to-date on test changes and that they keep their excellent scores current.

Because our tutors are constantly retaking current versions of the test, we are able to ensure that they are the best, most strategic, most knowledgeable tutors you could hope to work with. Your high score sets our reputation, so we are continuously motivated to make sure you are the best!

Here's The Deal

Many tutors who cite a high score received that score years ago. However, that old score has little bearing on today’s tests. The College Board, ACT, and ERB are continually analyzing data from their test trials and making changes to them year by year. The SAT was revamped from the bottom up in 2016, so a tutor who scored high on the previous version of the test has become outdated. It stands to reason that tutors who haven’t scored well on a test in years have forgotten some of what they know.

You’ll never have to worry about this with an Alpha Test Prep tutor. We assure you are always receiving superior service that is current, applicable, and impactful.

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